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Favorite Icons
When you want to pick one icon out of several thousands, there can be a number of more or less suitable icons located in the different parts of the list. This fact makes the process of deciding which one to use more difficult. In that case as soon as you come across a more or less suitable icon while looking through the available ones, just drag it to the Favorite Icons pane. When you are finished with looking through all the available icons, make your choice from those few selected. In the process of viewing the icons you may come across a nice one that you are not going to assign to the currently selected object, but that you would like to use in the future for some other objects. In that case drag the icon to the Favorite Icons pane for the future use.

Additional Features
With Icon Changer you can also:

  • save the icon in a separate file
  • copy the icon image into the clipboard
  • rearrange shell icon cache to correct invalid icon displays
  • cancel all the icon changes that were performed using this program

Customizing Icon Changer
You can customize Icon Changer in the following ways:

  • specify the extensions of the files containing icons so that only those files would be displayed in FilePane
  • search for icons only in the files of a certain type
  • use various ways of embedding the menu item into the Windows context menu.

You can use a bitmap file as an icon. Simply create your own bitmap file, the .bmp may be any size but the better size is 32x32 (or your custom desktop icon size). Rename it to a file with an .ico extension. Windows automatically recognizes that you want to use the bitmap image as an icon (thanks to Larry).


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Favorite icons
Additional features
Customizing Icon Changer
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Version history
March 2, 2008 - version 3.8
IconChanger now works under Windows Vista
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