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Feel free to contact us on any problem using this program; we will be happy to serve you. If you have suggestions of the program improvements that could add the program more functionality - please drop us a message, we will consider it.

IconChanger can change the icons of files or folders. The hard disk of a modern computer usually contains thousands of various icons. In most cases, you can find a suitable icon for your needs amongst them. However, there are those instances when just any old icon will do. In this case, you have 2 options:
1) You can try to build your own icons and .ico files, or.....
2) You can extremely increase your number of accessible icons by visiting the giant computer icon archives available on the internet and downloading the icons that fit your needs. Just a few of these archives are listed on our computer icon links page. Enjoy!

Online help

Online help allows you to learn full features about IconChanger.

Computer Icons
Are you tired of seeing the same old desktop icons on your work-station or personal pc...... or do you just need a special icon for that important / favorite file..... or......
Visit our computer icon links page.

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