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"...a very approachable application called IconChanger. This versatile program integrates with Windows and becomes an option on the right-click context menu in Explorer... Easy to learn and use, IconChanger from Shell Labs is also agreeably priced..." - John O'Halloran, Australian Computer Trader
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"I'd like to customize the icons for the Word files I use every week -- a bright red dot, for example, instead of the "W" icon would make them easier to pick out in a list.
Luckily, there's IconChanger ($19.95). With this simple utility you can change the icon associated with an individual file. Once IconChanger opens, it can search through your entire hard drive (or just the folders you select) looking for replacement icons and presenting them to you in a large window. A simple mouse click and the desktop icon or file icon is reassigned...
While it's certainly easy to change the icons on your desktop (right click, choose Properties, then click the Change Icon button), the default choice is the executable file of the program you're running. You'll have to browse around to find the file containing the icon you want, which can be extremely tedious.
Good luck. IconChanger displays all available icons on a single screen -- that's all icons hiding in files (such as executable files) as well as standalone .ico files." - James E. Powell, The Office Letter, Aug 18, 2003
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"We know you can change file folder and application icons, but functionality to change individual file icons was never incorporated into Windows. IconChanger's Explorer-like interface helps you to find and select an icon for an individual file or for all files of the same type. Don't forget that you can create your own icon images to use for files; just name the images file extension .ico and ta-da! Make your files personal... make your own icons or choose from the magnitude of glossy Windows icons!" - [Sam] LockerGnome.com, Apr 10, 2003

"Icon Changer lets you find all icons in files/folders under a particular folder. File Filter can helps to restrict icon search by specifying a files types to look into. Icon Changer is a cool utility that does whatever it promises to do." - Onkar Parhar, SharewareJunkies.com
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