Icon Changer - Change icon

Step 1

Select the file you wish to personalize and right click it with your mouse. If Icon Changer can change its icon, you will see the Change Icon... command in the context menu.
Select Change Icon.
You can assign or reset icons for multiple objects at once. To set/reset an icon for a file type, you can launch Icon Changer for any file of the desired type.

Step 2
The main Icon Changer window having 2 large parts will open.
In the IconPane you will see the content of the file containing the icon used for the current object. Press the Search button. As for icons, IconChanger allows you to automatically search for icons contained in various executable files and DLLs spread across you hard drive. You will be greatly surprised at how many beautiful informative icons are there already on your system.

Step 3
Select the icon you consider the most suitable and press the Set button. To change icon for the entire file type*, press File Type.

Icon Changer - Main features:

  • Ability to change the icon of a separate file, file type, folder and shortcut as well as desktop icons
  • Close integration with Windows (just right-click on any icon and select "Change Icon"). You can change desktop icons and icons in Windows Explorer.
  • Explorer-like interface
  • Recursive directory search and file type filtering
  • Extraction of computer icons from executable and .dll files and from cursor or bitmap file
  • Easy access to your favorite computer icons.
  • You can customize the system icons (icons in the Start Menu, icons for open/closed folders etc.

Icon Changer tips

* A file type includes each and every file with some particular extension. When you change icon for a file type, all the icons of the files with the specified extension will be changed, except for the files with an individual icon assigned using the Set command.

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Tips and tricks

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Additional features
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Version history
March 2, 2008 - version 3.8
IconChanger now works under Windows Vista
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