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IconChanger Help

The coolest feature of IconChanger is that you can change the icon of a separate file. If you've got tens/hundreds/thousands of mp3 or doc files, assign custom icons to your favorite files.

By default, Windows displays the same icon for all files that have the same file name extension. Using IconChanger, you can assign an individual icon almost to any file. The program can also change the icon of a folder or shortcut. It is possible to assign an icon to all file type, i.e. to all files with the given extension. To change the icon, see Changing icons of objects and file types. You can also change the system icons (Windows uses them to display main items on the Start menu and other miscellaneous objects).

The evaluation version of IconChanger can change no more than 3 icons and the maximum number of icons found is limited to 3000. The registered version of IconChanger can change icons of an unlimited number of objects and types and the maximum number of icons found is not limited.

Also, you can use IconChanger:


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  • The assignment of an icon to a file neither changes the contents of the file nor its properties.
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